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I am a holistic nutritionist and health coach. For more than 20 years, a healthy diet and balanced lifestyle has been an integral part of my everyday life. Whilst I was practicing nutrition, I also operated a healthy food deli-restaurant in Marbella – Spain.
I graduated from one of the largest schools in nutrition, Тhe Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN) in New York, where I specialised in Nutrition and Hormonal health.
My life was a long path from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis (autoimmune disease) & eating disorders to healthy eating, without diets/restrictions.
My nutrition studies were enriched by many hours of training, more than a hundred different theories of nutrition, thousands of educational videos, and also a huge selection of books focusing on nutrition, personal development and psychological techniques.
My working and business experience and training has equipped me with a unique system of steps which enable me to assist others in changing habits, lifestyle, health, energy and overall body balance in all aspects of life.
years of professional experience
satisfied customers
years in nutrition and health coaching
hours of training and practice
Hello! My name is Ekaterina
Why should YOU turn
to me for help:
To learn how to eat healthy, build your own system of a healthy lifestyle and change your habits and attitudes;
To restore hormonal balance and maintain a good healthy digestive system;
To build a harmonious relationship with yourself and the beautiful world around you;
To create a fully balanced lifestyle;
To prevent various diseases through embracing proper nutrition;
To assist in overcoming insomnia, lack of energy, overeating or other eating disorders
Our Services & Programs
Initial Individual Consultation (Online or Face to Face)
This session is meant to identify the underlying issues, analyse habits and explore the best tailored personal recommendations. The program includes:-
Coaching Program – 5 Sessions (Online or Face to Face)
The Aim of this coaching program is to provide tailored support which will enable an individual to make the required changes with ease and develop long lasting and sustainable habits. The program includes:-
Coaching Program – 10 Sessions (Online or Face to Face)
The aim of this coaching program is to provide much longer coaching and support where required to enhance the systematic and gradual changes that create the required lifestyle change. The program includes:-
Program "New Life in 100 Days", level II (Online)
For those who want to gain advanced in-depth knowledge on nutrition and life/body balance in all aspects of life. The program includes:-
Detox Program (Online)
The aim of this program is to provide the required support in cleansing-off body toxins. This will help in regaining the desired weight, cleanse the skin/body and increase energy levels without the need for starvation. The program includes:-
Program "New Life in 100 Days", level I (Online)
This program is suitable for individuals who would like to learn how to eat the right foods/diet and also acquire healthy habits for a balanced life in order to achieve better body harmony. This program includes:-
Optimal Portion Size
how do your portion sizes measure up?
Program's Benefits
Easy & Simple
My recommendations are easy to understand and implement in everyday life
Tasty & Affordable
I will build a personal nutrition program for you, taking into account your habits and lifestyle
Habits for Life
I will empower you to change your attitude about yourself, ensuring that the knowledge will remain with you forever
Education & Experience
I use a systematic approach from The Institute of Integrated Nutrition, New York, combined with my 20 years of experience in the field of nutrition
Gradually Achieve Your Goal
In my program, you will not feel sharp jumps - all changes will occur in moderation under guided supervision
Functional & Holistic Approach
My programs/methods are based only on proven scientific facts and principles
Customer reviews
Polina Morozova
Good afternoon, Katya!

Thank you again for the course! Your healthy and tasty recipes became an essential part of our family life already. Everything turned out to be very tasty and brings me joy also while cooking.

You changed my entire attitude towards food and made me think about what I’m eating and cooking for my family! In my grocery store shopping, I now know exactly where to look at the product label - that’s awesome
Katerina, your voice is so inspiring and the information you give is so important and practical. After the program, I feel much better and lighter, so I really don’t want to have another New Year's feast with an immoderate amount of food. I'm so glad that I went through the complete program in full, and I feel it really has changed my habits and finally revised my diet.
Thank you very much for the time and useful information.
Katya, thank you very much for this course and your personal input! ☀
Crazy amount of useful information, not only tasty recipes and food related stuff, but also incredible tips for body and soul balance.
Somehow you find the ways to explain things and follow up to make necessary changes. You gave me an understanding of the importance of taking care of myself. And lots of practical ways on how to incorporate it in my every day life.
Thank you again, Katya, I am extremely grateful and honoured.
Elvira Salikhova
Ekaterina, thank you so much for the course, for all those tips, easy recipes. The rejuvenating lifting program I’ll never forget!
I really enjoyed your approach – not only food, but also attitude towards myself and mindset of things. The whole process was a life changing experience for me and will always grateful.
Thank you!
This is not my first program with Katya, and I also took personal consultations as well; every time I am pleasantly surprised at how much new and useful knowledge I gain with her!
A lot can be gained from the detox program for everyday use, transform it into a habit, turned into your lifestyle, and lifting facial massage is generally a godsend !

I would highly recommend the program.
There was nobody in our chat who would not like Katya’s program!
The level of useful nutrition tips and cool recipes alone should’ve cost me more than this course! But, most valued for me was how Katya is delivering the content – so gently and persistently! Indeed, after the course there is no focus on "yummy sweets" anymore, but rather on benefits for your body and mind! I didn’t think it was possible for me to ever think and act like that…
After several weeks already I began to feel better and even more confident! ❤
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